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Posture Correction in Dalkeith

Optimal posture is essential for your musculoskeletal system to work as it should—when your posture shifts into a slumping or head-forward alignment, your body has to compensate by creating new movement patterns. This compensation can create problems like joint degeneration, muscle strains and other conditions that lead to pain, mobility issues and dysfunction.

At Dalkeith Chiropractic, our focus is on restoring optimal postural alignment.

What Causes Posture Problems?

For many of us, our modern lifestyle involves hours every day sitting at a desk, hunched over mobile phones and other devices, and these positions can pull your posture out of alignment. We see these problems even in kids and young teens, when a decade ago we wouldn’t see significant posture changes until a patient was much older.

The good news is that by addressing the problem at an earlier age, we can help the body get back to its optimal alignment with the aim of alleviating pain and other symptoms. But at any age, correcting posture can be an important component of creating better musculoskeletal health.

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Your individual care program will be tailored to your needs and goals, and we will explain our care and what you can expect in terms of results during our report of findings.

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