Back to Normal Working Hours

Alas the christmas holidays are over, but we’re very happy to say we are now back to our standard clinic hours.

Dr Paul Harlond:

Monday                7.40am – 12.20pm

Wednesday         10.00am – 12.20pm

                              2.20am – 7.00pm

Friday                      7.40am – 12.20pm

                              2.20am – 7.00pm

Saturday                8.00am – 10.00am


Dr Jenae Reid:

Monday                3.30pm – 6.00pm

Tuesday                3.30pm – 6.00pm

Thursday              3.30pm – 6.00pm

Saturday               3.30pm – 5.30pm


We look forward to seeing you this year, contact Dalkeith Chiropractic to book your appointment.

Neighboured by Swanbourne, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, Nedlands, Crawley and Claremont, Dalkeith Chiropractic is a convenient option to the Western suburbs of Perth.

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