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Dr Paul Harlond

Dr Paul Harlond (BSc, BChiro,) is a government registered chiropractor and a graduate of the Chiropractic and Sports Science Program at Murdoch University, where he gained bachelor degrees in Science and Chiropractic. He is also certified in Webster Technique, Graston Technique, KinesioTaping and dry needling.

In 2008 Paul was the recipient of the prestigious “Riptide Award” for excellence in leadership and dedication to Murdoch University and the profession. He was also awarded the “Miriam Minty Award” by the Chiropractic Association of Australia for excellence in community service for his work in helping disadvantaged communities in India and here locally at St Patrick’s community centre.

He is the proud father of 2 young children.

Dr Jenae ReidDr Jenae Reid (BSc, BChiro,) is a thorough, caring, Government Registered Primary Health Care Chiropractor who has also completed Primary Modules in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. She graduated from Murdoch University with double Bachelor degrees in Science and Chiropractic. Dr Reid has training in many techniques and works with all ages from infants to elderly. She has over 12 years experience helping people achieve their health goals to do more of the things they enjoy and love.

Dr Reid aims to help people have sustainable higher levels of health by aiming to look at the whole health picture. Dr Reid will do her very best to help meet your unique needs and achieve your goals.

Dr Jenae Reid is also a loving, devoted mother and wife. She co-owns and practices at Dalkeith Chiropractic with husband and Chiropractor, Dr Paul Harlond. 


Dr Jenae Reid is trained in many techniques including mobilisation, rehabilitation, breathing exercises, adjusting, stretching, trigger point therapy, massage, low level laser, stretching, proprioception retraining, posture retraining and optimal lifestyle facilitation. She is experienced in Functional Neuroscience, is Part 1 & 2 Network Spinal Analysis Certified, experienced in Somatorespiratory Integration and Advance Biostructural Correction. She can modify techniques to meet your preference and requirements from very gentle to more manual adjusting.

Feel free to call 08 6161 0769 to book a complimentary verbal initial consultation.